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Stephen Foerster
12 min readApr 2, 2021

Book cover: In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio

Greetings fellow investors and welcome to The Perfect Portfolio Investing Blog. I’m a finance professor at the Ivey Business School at Western University, in Canada, where I’ve been teaching finance and investments, and researching about stocks and investing for over thirty years. I have a PhD in finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and I have a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. I’ve severed on foundations, endowments, and pension boards; I have a consulting company; and I’ve provided expert witness testimony about investments, in federal court. And I enjoy writing about investing.

Most recently, I’ve co-authored (with Andrew Lo at MIT’s Sloan School of Management) In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio: The Stories, Voices, and Key Insights of the Pioneers Who Shaped the Way We Invest, Princeton University Press. The culmination of a decade-long journey, we review the intellectual history and evolution of portfolio management by highlighting and explaining the key contributions of some of its most significant researchers over the past seventy years — the era known as modern portfolio theory. We interviewed ten prominent iconic figures and thought leaders in the industry — Harry Markowitz, Bill Sharpe, Gene Fama, Jack Bogle, Myron Scholes, Bob Merton, Marty Leibowitz, Bob Shiller, Charley Ellis, and Jeremy Siegel — each of whom contributed to the evolution and understanding of what the Perfect Portfolio might look like and the key lessons learned from it.

This blog shares some of our insights, and connects history with current events. It’s aimed at novice and experienced investors alike. It’s not a blog with investment advice, but rather it explains what you need to know about investing, with the intent of educating and entertaining you. It’s meant to get you to think before you act. Below are brief descriptions and links to my stories, by theme. I hope you enjoy the investing journey with me!

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Stephen Foerster

I’m a Finance prof, CFA, and author of In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio (with Andrew Lo). I write stories about investing. (I don’t give financial advice.)